pack d'esempio per la linea tradizione: spaghi all'uovo


The nests are made from our thick sheets of pasta, smooth and stretchy, with a firm texture. They bind perfectly with any sauce and are ideal tossed in a pan before serving.



This is the thinnest of the pasta shapes and works better than any other with a sauce, adapting with style to all kinds of presentation, from the simplest of dishes to the most elaborate.
Recommended with: stock soups, fish sauces and asparagus and scampi sauces.

nido di spaghi all'uovo

nido di tagliolini all'uovo


Originating from Piedmont, also known as “Tajarin”, this pasta shape will enhance any dish, but really excels in some of the finest dishes with rich flavours.
Recommended with: truffle, porcini mushroom sauce, duck meat sauce.


With its origins rooted in ancient times, it is one of the most iconic shapes in the tradition of egg pasta. Highly versatile, this pasta pairs well with a wide range of ingredients and can be cooked in a variety of ways.
Recommended with: Bolognese sauce, fresh tomato sauce, truffle.

nido di tagliatelle all'uovo

nido di fettuccine all'uovo



This pasta is perfect for those who love strong flavours. The pasta, shaped into 10 mm wide ribbons, offers a greater yield thanks to its texture and guarantees an unforgettable taste experience.
Recommended with: hare meat sauce, wild boar meat sauce, Chianina beef sauce.